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It’s Monday, 22nd April. It’s Earth Day!

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It’s the 22nd day of April. It’s Earth Day!

Earth Day was born in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. It is celebrated in more than 192 countries every year.

Events are held to show support for the protection of our natural environment, as well as inspire awareness and appreciation. 

In honour of this important day, here is a set of words and phrases related to the environment and the problems it is facing:

Animal welfare: Related to the well-being of animals. Can also be used when you want to show concern for animal ethics and rights.

Climate change: The world’s climate or global weather is changing, and not for the better. Over the years, there has been an increase in temperature, storms, heatwaves, heavy rains and much more.

Conservation: Refers to the action of keeping our environment (including vegetation and wildlife) in its natural state and improving the situation when possible.

Endangered species: When a species (or type of) animal or plant is in danger of extinction. When the animal or plant becomes extinct, then it no longer exists or can be found.

Exhaust fumes: Gases which are produced by a car’s engine. These gases pollute or dirty the air we breathe and the atmosphere around us.

Global warming: Refers to the rise or increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of different gases which surround the earth.

Greenhouse effect: When the heat coming from the sun is trapped and absorbed by the planet’s lower atmosphere and re-radiated. This causes an increase in the average surface temperature. To understand this phrase better, imagine a greenhouse getting warmer and warmer because of the sunlight coming through the glass or plastic.

Natural habitat: A natural area which is home to an animal or plant.

Lesson by Krista

Question and Answer Quiz

  • 1. I heard two hurricanes took place last month! Do you think this could this be related to ___?

  • 2. The summer months just keep getting hotter and hotter. The ___ might be responsible for this!

  • 3. The mountain gorilla and the Mediterranean monk seal are two animals on the list of ___.

  • 4. Rivers are the North American’s beaver ___.

  • 5. Many people tend to associate the UNESCO with ___ and their rights.

  • 6. Several environmental organisations will be holding events and giving talks about ___ and how to put it to practice on a daily basis.

  • 7. ___ is believed to be caused by the gases produced when coal and oil are burned.

  • 8. I think there’s a problem with my dad’s old Fiat. Look at all those ___!