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It's Party Time!

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Friends, music, food and fun… these are the main ingredients of a good party! Today we're going to 'celebrate' a few of the different types of parties you can enjoy.

Housewarming Party: When you move into a new house or apartment, you throw a housewarming party to celebrate your new home and show it to your friends.

Surprise Party:This kind of party is organised for a person by their friends or family, and they are not told about the party. Guests usually arrive some time before, and when the person walks in, everyone shouts 'Surprise!'

Farewell Party: Before you move away from home to learn English, start university, or travel around the world, a farewell party is the perfect way to say goodbye to the people you love.

Bachelor Party: Men who are about to get married have a bachelor party with all their male friends, to enjoy the last moments of 'freedom' before their married life.

Hen Party:Like a bachelor party, but for the future bride! This is when a group of ladies get together and have a great time. It usually involves dancing, laughing and talking about men.

Wedding reception: Guests are invited to drink and have a feast with the newly married couple after their marriage.

Baby Shower: Guests are invited to celebrate and present gifts for a new with a mother before she has her baby. She is given gifts for the baby.

Other useful vocabulary:
You can 'have' a party, but you can also 'throw' a party, or organise a party!

Keep that in mind while you try out this multiple choice exercise with today's new vocabulary:

  • Mario is going away for three years to work on his PhD, and tomorrow night he's throwing a _____.

  • Last week I had the biggest shock of my life when I arrived home and found that my friends had organised a _____ for me.

  • I received 10 pairs of tiny shoes at my _____, I don't know what to do with them!

  • I can't wait for you to see my new apartment, why don't you come to my _____ ?

  • There were about 600 guests at the _____, and I didn't even have a chance to talk to the groom.

  • The men went crazy at the _____ and made the groom dance in a silly costume in the middle of the street!