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Jason's story - part 3: reading, grammar and vocab exercise

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'Part 3'

Read the third part of our story and decide which words are missing (some words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary):

Neil and Jason moved _1_ quietly as possible through the corridors and out into the schoolyard. Crouching, they ran toward the far end of the school playing field and the fence that divided the school _2_ the freedom of the outside world.
Skipping lessons was not something new to them ; they did it _3_ school life became too boring for them to take.
After _4_ the small fence Neil led Jason through the long grass, then on through the forest until they came to the steep river bank which was shaded by the tree tops _5_. Neither of them spoke: Neil knew it was better to remain _6_ and just show Jason what he was taking him to see; Jason was happy enough to be out of school and words were simply not necessary.
Neil and Jason slid down the bank, grabbing at bushes and branches to stop them from falling.
At the bottom, well hidden behind tree trunk, lay what Jason instantly knew he had been _7_ to see. Lying, face up, was the cold and white body of a muddy man. In his dead hand he clutched a gun and beside him lay a half-closed sports bag stuffed full of cash.
Jason found it difficult to take in all in. He'd never seen a dead body before or a gun or, for that matter, _8_ much money.
'What should we do?' Neil asked. Jason didn't answer, he was in shock.

To be continued.


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  • 1= the missing word is:

  • 2= the missing word is:

  • 3= the missing word is:

  • 4 = the missing word is:

  • 5= the missing word is:

  • 6= the missing word is:

  • 7 = the missing word is:

  • 8 = the missing word is: