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Jason's story - part 4

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Jason's story part 4

Please read part 4 of our story and choose the correct missing words. Some words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

So there they were: Jason, his friend Neil, a dead man, a gun and a bag of money; all frozen in the moment. 'What should we do?' Neil asked for the second time. Jason tried to gather his thoughts. He knew they shouldn't touch the dead man and hanging _1_ was not a good idea - whoever killed the man might be back. _2_ it to the police would mean involving them in a world of attention. He didn't like that idea. 'Nothing. Let’s just go. It's not our problem.' Jason finally responded. Neil was quietly relieved to hear him say it. Let someone else discover the dead man and let them deal with reporting _3_ to the police and having to face all the journalists. At first they slowly started to walk away, but before long they were running. They wanted to put as much space between them and the man _4_ possible.
That night Jason resisted the temptation to tell his parents. For the first time he watched the local news _5_ TV for any reports, but there was nothing. The next day he did the same and nothing was mentioned. For the next week he checked _6_ TV news report, radio report and read every newspaper and still there was no news. Had he _7_ it all? It was driving him crazy. Curiosity got the better of him so one week later he went back to the same secluded spot after school to find the same scene. The man, gun and money were all in the same position. The only difference was the rank smell coming from the dead man. Before he knew what he was going, Jason grabbed the bag of money, put the gun in his pocket and started to run faster than he ever had _8_.   

To be continued


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  • 1 = the missing word is:

  • 2 = the missing word is:

  • 3 = the missing word is:

  • 4 = the missing word is:

  • 5 = the missing word is:

  • 6 = the missing word is:

  • 7 = the missing word is:

  • 8 = the missing word is: