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Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary

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Typical - average or usual
Enhance - improve
Promotion - moving someone to a higher or more important position or rank in a company
Ambitious - having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
Expatriates - people who have taken up residence in a foreign country
Persuade - to cause (someone) to do something by asking, arguing, or giving reasons
Prestigious - the respect and admiration that someone or something gets for being successful or important
Switch - a sudden change from one thing to another
Networking - to talk with people whose jobs are similar to yours especially for business opportunities or advice
Retire -  to stop a job or career because you have reached the age when you are not allowed to work anymore or do not need or want to work anymore

Choose the correct wod to complete each sentence:

  • 1. Learning English will ___ your resume.

  • 2. He had an ___ plan to be the youngest CEO in the country.

  • 3. The Mercedes Benz is a ___ car.

  • 4. New York is a ___ modern city.

  • 5. He got a ___ to a managerial position.

  • 6. My parents will try to ___ me to accept that job offer.

  • 7. My client asked me to ___ the lunch meeting from Friday to Saturday.

  • 8. ___ are usually given a housing package when they move to another country.

  • 9. It's very common to see people ___ at trade shows.

  • 10. John has been working here for forty years. I think he’s going to ___ next year.