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Learn collocations

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An important part of improving your English is learning which words go together to make natural English sentences. These combinations of words are called collocations.

Do we make a mistake or do a mistake? Which is the correct verb? Make is the verb that collocates with mistake.

Try this quiz and don't make any mistakes!

Link: Make, Take and Have Quiz

Link: How to use Take

  • Don't worry. ___ calm.

  • Will you ___ the cleaning?

  • Let's ___ a fresh start.

  • He'll ___ a good father.

  • I'll ___ back to you soon.

  • She ___ an important role in the meeting.

  • Tim was ___ asleep by 10pm.

  • I'll have a ___ coffee.

  • She's having her hair ___.

  • He ___ into laughter.