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Learn English Vocabulary

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Here's a quiz to help you learn English words. Choose the words that have the closest meaning to the key words. Only choose one word per question.

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  • Repair: "There's something wrong with my car. They're repairing it at the garage now."

  • Utterly: "The film was utterly rubbish. It's the worst one I've ever seen."

  • Peculiar: "Who's that peculiar looking man in the corner? His clothes are bizarre!"

  • Staff: "We currently have 500 staff at this company."

  • Nevertheless: "They made a small, nevertheless vital change."

  • Estimate: "I'm not sure, but I estimate that there are 75 people here."

  • Consent: "She can only come on the trip if her parents give their consent."

  • Anxious: "I saw my mother's anxious face at the window."

  • Hence: "His parents are Spanish, hence his name - Juan."

  • Certain: "She's certain that she'll get into Oxford University."