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Learn informal English

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Do you want to learn some very natural English? Do you want to learn some words that English speakers use in daily conversation? The English you might learn in textbooks is often different from the English that native speakers really use. Take a look at the ten sentences. The key words are in bold. Do you know what they mean? Try and match them up to their definitions.

  1. Don't trust him, he's trying to con you.
  2. Dude, have you seen my jacket? - (American English)
  3. I need to cram for the test tonight. - (American English)
  4. He was arrested for selling dope in the bar.
  5. Staying at home on the weekend is a drag.
  6. I want to see that new Brad Pitt flick.
  7. Do you want to have a go at fixing my TV?
  8. Driving in the snow at night was hairy.
  9. I saw a real interesting programme about space travel on the Discovery Channel.- (American English)
  10. Drinking all that beer made me puke.

Link: American vs. British English

  • Scary / frightening:
  • Throw up / vomit:
  • Film / movie:
  • Illegal drugs:
  • Deceive / trick:
  • Very:
  • Try:
  • Boring:
  • Study hard:
  • Man / friend: