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Learn Personal Pronouns

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How much can you remember about personal pronouns?

Which ones do we use for the object in the sentence, and which do we use for the subject? When do we use them and why?

In the following sentences, can you replace the words in quotation marks ("") with the correct personal pronoun?

I've given you the list of personal pronouns to help you remember.

When you're finished, see if you can post the answers to the questions above.
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Personal Pronouns


Which person pronouns are used in the following sentences? Type your aswers in the spaces provided. Only use one word, don't rewrite the whole sentence.

  • 1. I saw Emily and John at the pub last night. "Emily and John" were having an argument.
  • 2. "Emma and I" are going to the cinema tomorrow.
  • 3. I just met the queen! Have you met "the queen"?
  • 4. I want some chips. Please can you give "the chips" to me?
  • 5. Do you want to meet "my family"?
  • 6. Does "Jessica" know where we're meeting?
  • 7. I think "Chris and Nicola" were talking about us.
  • 8. "My brother" didn't buy me a birthday present.
  • 9. Andrew just ran out of the house! Please can you find "Andrew".
  • 10. "My television" is broken again. The stupid thing never works.
  • 11. I need to talk to "my Mum". I miss her.
  • 12. I'd really like a chocolate cake. Do you think "a chocolate cake" would be expensive?
  • 13. Sometimes "me and my Dad" argue a lot.
  • 14. "My back" has been hurting so much lately.
  • 15. I'd like to get to know "Meera and Alex".