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Learn word forms!

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Hello everyone! Here we're going to show you a good way to learn new words. Let's start with  the word energy as an example. As you probably know energy is a noun and that is means 'the source of power or strength'. A quick way to build up word bank of English words is to identify the other forms of this word:

Energy - noun

Energise (in British English, Energize in American) - verb

Energetic - adjective

Energetically - adverb

So when you find a new word think about all the possible forms that it takes. Instead of learning one word, you'll learn four!

Take a look at the following sentences and choose the correct missing form:

Link: Verb, Noun, Adjective or Adverb?

  • She's very ___ for her age.

  • I'd like to work in ___ .

  • I met a lot of ___ people on my holiday.

  • We want to ___ this prouduct to women.

  • We did ___ research for the project all last month.

  • I ___ that you are not wearing a tie today.

  • All the ___ started to run when they heard the bang.

  • That's an original ___. Let's try it out.

  • What do you ___?

  • The email contained some ___ comments.