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Leo DiCaprio Interview

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Leo DiCaprio became one of my favourite actors after I saw him in the film ‘Blood Diamond’.

It is an amazing film, full of drama and suspense and I even studied the story with some of my students at EC Cape Town English school.

This lesson tests your ability to listen for specific words and information. Listen carefully to the interview and then try to decide which word is being said. Then, if you haven’t already, go and watch the movie!

  • 1. I was talking to you a few ___ ago.

  • 2. You once again ___ yourself.

  • 3. I've never been a part of a movie that had a ___ message like this.

  • 4. There's not only the African landscape to get ___ to.

  • 5. I had a giant ___ on my arm.

  • 6. You have two weeks of guys that ___ the entire scenario.

  • 7. This guy's in a state of ___ throughout the entire movie.