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Letter from Caroline - Getting Older

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Here's a letter from me about the positives and negatives of getting older! Read through it and then complete the gaps with the correct missing word:

Growing Up

Lately, it seems that every week there is a _1_ that marks my passing of age. None of my friends are in full time education any more, some are _2_ and have families and one is even teaching at the school that we went to when we were teenagers! In fact, I’m seeing him for dinner tonight and I’m always shocked when I do nowadays because it is strange to say hello to my new grown up friend who is wearing a suit.

I’m not sure I’m enjoying getting older. Life is more _3_, there are bills to pay and rent to sort out. Friends professional successes make me feel old and inadequate and grandparents no longer bring you chocolates and sweeties when they come to visit. However it’s not all bad and seeing as I’m trying to _4_ a new positive outlook on life, here are some of the things I’ve found to be a rather wonderful part of getting older.

1. Supermarket shopping: Ok I’ve been doing this since I was eighteen and left home but I absolutely love choosing my own food alongside a cheeky bottle of wine.

2. The right to have an opinion: I remember being very _5_ with people discounting my ideas when I was younger due to my age. Now I find people listen more and are far more respectful of my point of view.

3. Earning your own money: It is of course very worrying and scary when you’re not, but when you are and you can pay for the big things you never imagined you would be able to, having your own pay-packet can be very _6_.

4. Choosing bed times: I am a fairly useless adult in this respect, in that I’m usually in bed before ten, but if I want to stay up all night eating _7_ and watching scary movies with my boyfriend then I can!

5. Travelling: One of the best things I’ve done in the past few years is travel and the times I’ve spent abroad have been some of the most enriching of my life. You have so much more _8_ and can choose where you want to go and what you want to see.

So there are just a few reasons to be glad for getting older! Do you have any of your own? Or do you miss childhood? I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson!

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