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Lifestyle Idioms

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Here are some idiomatic expressions you can use when talking about lifestyle or way of life. After you read the sentences, see if you can match each idiom with the definition.

1. Sally continued to keep up appearances even when she was broke and unemployed.

2. Most people in this city live from hand to mouth. They can't really afford to go on holiday.

3. Despite the increase in cost of living and having a part-time job, he is still living beyond his means.

4. Moving to a brand new flat has given Lucy a new lease of life.

5. Since he's won the lottery, he has been living high off the hog.

6. John has been living in an ivory tower since he was a child. His was always protected by his parents.


a. To not have enough money to save because whatever you earn is spent on food and other daily essentials.

b. To have the chance to live longer or have a better lifestyle with greater enjoyment.

c. To have a lot of money and a very comfortable lifestyle.

d. To hide your personal or financial problems from other people by continuing to live and behave in the same way that you did in the past.

e. To spend more money than you earn or can afford.

f. To have a lifestyle that preserves you from the problems and difficulties experienced by others.

Now match the definitions to the idioms by typing in the letter - do not type in the whole idiom!

  • 1. to keep up appearances
  • 2. to live from hand to mouth
  • 3. to live beyond means
  • 4. a new lease of life
  • 5. to live high off the hog
  • 6. to live in an ivory tower