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Like and As

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As and Like are both used to compare situations or actions. But here are some differences:


We use as to talk about something we do or how something is used.

I worked as a graphic designer for eight years.
She used her jacket as an umbrella when it started raining.

'As adjective as' is used to compare things or people.

It's not as cold as it used to be.
He studied as hard as he could for the exam.

As can be used to link two clauses – it's followed by a clause with a subject and a verb.

He became a lawyer, as his father did years before.
He is very passionate about his work, as are his siblings.


In these sentences Like is followed by a noun or a pronoun.

I was treated like a king at my grandmother's house.
He isn't anything like his brother.
You are just like your dad.

Like – as though – as if

These three words and phrases can be used as comparisons with no difference in meaning.

You look like you've been working hard.
She spoke as though she was in a hurry to leave.
That sounds like a great idea.

Lesson by Tristan

Now choose the right word/phrase for each sentence:

  • 1 He worked ___ an actor for a few years.

  • 2 The exam wasn't as hard ___ I expected.

  • 3 You sound ___ you don’t trust him.

  • 4 Your phone is the same ___ mine.

  • 5 His taste in music is ___ mine.

  • 6 Paris isn’t anything ___ London.

  • 7 You look ___ you need a break.

  • 8 She has a great sense of humor, ___ does her sister.