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Like and As

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There is often some confusion between the usage of 'like' and 'as'.


'Like' is used before a noun or pronoun to say that two things are similar; they behave or work in the same way:
He works like a slave.
She swims like a fish.
He runs like the wind.


'As' is used before a noun or pronoun to refer to jobs or functions:
He works as an accountant.
He works for the company as a trainer.
He is well known as a writer.

Compare these two sentences:
I am your friend and as your friend I advise you to be cautious. = It is my job/role (as a friend) to warn you. OR Because I am your friend...

I think that you and I are like brothers so l advise you to be cautious.
= I am not your brother but we behave in this way to each other.

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Now choose the correct word for the following:

  • 1. Peter is not at all _ his brother. James is far more generous.

  • 2. I have changed my hairstyle _ you can see.

  • 3. Larry has joined the company _ a production manager.

  • 4. I remember working _ a waiter during the summer while I was studying.

  • 5. I have a classmate who looks exactly _ Daniel Craig.

  • 6. Sarah qualified _ a physicist before entering business school.

  • 7. The job I have is very demanding. We all work _ slaves.

  • 8. We’re organising a barbeque, _ we do every year on the first day of spring.

  • 9. Great performers _ Freddie Mercury, are few and far between.

  • 10. John’s a really good swimmer. He swims _ a fish.