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Linkers are words that combine sentences and show the relationship between ideas. Here is an exercise using three basic linkers: and, but and because.


We use and to link two related ideas or to add information.

'I like tea and coffee.'
'On Saturday, we went to the park and the cinema.'


We use but to show a contrast (link a positive and a negative idea).

'I enjoy swimming, but I don't enjoy running.'
'It was almost midnight, but I couldn't sleep.'


We use because to show a reason.

'I was late because there was so much traffic.'
'I couldn't see because it was too dark.'

Complete the sentences in this paragraph with and, but or because:

My best friend's name is Carol. She is 22 years old _1_ she looks younger. She is tall _2_ slim, with long black hair. I like her _3_ she is smart _4_ always makes me laugh. She is also a student like me _5_ we don't attend the same university. I am studying law _6_ she is studying music. She would like to be a famous singer one day. I hope that she becomes famous _7_ she sings very well. Carol and I see each other every weekend. On Saturday mornings she eats breakfast at my house _8_ she can't cook! We often go walking in the mountains _9_ stop for a picnic, _10_ if it rains, we go to the theatre. We also enjoy dancing very much. Carol sings beautifully, _11_ I think I'm a better dancer!

Lesson by Nasreen, Cape Town English school

Choose the correct missing words here:

  • 1 The missing word is:

  • 2 The missing word is:

  • 3 The missing word is:

  • 4 The missing word is:

  • 5 The missing word is:

  • 6 The missing word is:

  • 7 The missing word is:

  • 8 The missing word is:

  • 9 The missing word is:

  • 10 The missing word is:

  • 11 The missing word is: