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Listen: Dream Your Dream

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This year, one of my goals is to not let my shyness hold me back and always go for opportunities, even if I have to fake the confidence! This song, from the musical ‘Sweet Charity’, is all about having the confidence to dream. As the lyrics to this song are quite easy, I’ll leave it to you to try and hear the missing words.

Lesson by Caroline

"Dream your dream" from Sweet Charity

Dream Your Dream.
Close your _1_ and try it.
Dream of furniture;
Dream that I can _2_ it.
That fancy bed you prayed for,
Not only bought but paid for.
Dream we sign the lease,
Leave a small _3_;
Three and one-half rooms
With a walking closet.
We'll _4_ the local Jet-set
To dine on our dinette-set
Right _5_ the street,
There's a friendly bank.
You make a friendly loan,
And the bank says: "Thank you."
Every _6_,
We'll spend all our money.
Join the P.T.A.;
They will _7_ you, honey.
Life will be frozen peaches and cream.
Baby, dream Your Dream.

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