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Listening: Aloe Blacc 'I'm Beautiful'

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Some words of advice from the wonderful singer, Aloe Blacc. I have written some words and their meanings at the top of this lesson, all you need to do is fill in the gaps in the lyrics with the correct word.

Warning: His accent is quite difficult to understand so listen carefully! This is, of course, excellent practice for real conversation!
Lesson by Caroline

Key Words

Attitude - the way someone behaves towards someone else, often interpreted negatively.
Believe - to have confidence and faith in an idea or thing.
Self esteem - respect and belief in yourself
Pride - the state or feeling of being proud.
Possible - achievable
Spiritual - relating to the spirit, mind and emotions.
Hurt - to feel pain.

Aloe Blacc - I'm Beautiful

Sometimes people say things
that they don't really mean.
They just might call you names
to lift their _1_
But soon enough, they'll realize
that it'll never work.
Because inside they're trying to hide
how much they really _2_

But as long as you know who you are
and what you're about
Nothing they say can shake your _3_
and make you doubt
The beauty you have in you
and when they give _4_
you can tell them like this.

Say, I'm beautiful and _5_
and I think it's about time to tell you this.
I'm gonna be the best me
that I know how to be.

One day you learn how much it means
to _6_ in yourself.
So take these words and share these words
to help somebody else.

You never know. Anything's _7_
You just might make a friend.
So when they try to make you cry
tell them again and again.

Say it like this- I'm beautiful and spiritual
and I think it's about time to tell you this.
I'm gonna be the best me
that I know how to be.

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