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Listening Lesson: Bike Riding

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Let's test your listening with the following video. Watch the video and answer the questions by choosing True or False. Also, I hope it gets you started on your training. Do you enjoy riding bikes? Have you ever participated in a bike race? Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline

Now decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1 - The advice provided will only be effective on a spin bike.

  • 2 - You can only use this advice for training outdoors.

  • 3 - These tips for improving your performance will help with your ability to cover long distances at a high intensity.

  • 4 - "Hop on" refers to the act of getting on the bike.

  • 5 - Alternating legs when pedalling for periods of 5 minutes each will decrease the power of your training.

  • 6 - Setting intervals in your training at home will give you many benefits.

  • 7 - Standing up while pedalling is a great way to work your core.