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Listening Lesson - Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi'

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The media rule the world at the moment! Here's a listening exercise for you, based on the Lady Gaga song, Paparazzi. All you need to do is fill in the missing words, all of which are related to the media. I recommend you listen to it first and try to understand the story, then try the exercise. Good luck!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

Link: EC Malta Student Talk

  • We are the crowd, we're c-comin' out, Got my on, it's true
  • Need that of you, It so magical, we'd be so fantastical
  • Leather and jeans, garage glamorous, Not sure what it means, But this of us it don't have a price
  • Ready for those flashing light, 'Cause you know that baby, I, I'm your biggest , I'll follow you until you love me
  • Papa, paparazzi, Baby, there's no other , you know that I'll be, Your papa, paparazzi
  • Promise I'll be kind, But I won't stop until that boy is mine, Baby, you'll be , chase you down until you love me, Papa, paparazzi
  • I'll be your girl at your show, Velvet ropes and guitars, Yeah, cause you're my rock star in between the sets, Eyeliner and cigarettes