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Listening: Meg Ryan Interview

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A transcript is a written representation of a conversation or speech. They can be very useful to read as they allow you time to understand, whilst mirroring true conversation. Here is a transcript of a famous interview between Michael Parkinson and actress Meg Ryan.

Read through the transcript and answer the questions below true or false. If, after you have read you would like to watch the conversation in there is a link below the transcript!

Interview Transcript

Parkinson (Interviewer): You said once that acting was not in your nature.

Meg Ryan: I did?

Parkinson: You did say that, yes. You did say that. Did you- Are you denying you said that?

Meg Ryan: No, it seems like something I’d say.

Parkinson: All right, fine.

Meg Ryan: No, I uh um think what I meant was that it always feels very awkward for me to be in front of an audience or in the spotlight. It doesn’t come all that naturally.

Parkinson: So why do it?

Meg Ryan: I don’t know. Maybe you can help me out with that.

Parkinson: No, I couldn’t. It’s for you to debate and tell me.

Meg Ryan: I don’t know. I’m compelled though and I, I like the work a lot.

Parkinson: But you don’t like the spotlight that goes with it? The rest of it.

Meg Ryan: It’s awkward, it’s not something that comes easily or sits naturally. I mean, I do it you know, it’s fine but it doesn’t seem, you know, like an easy fit.

Parkinson: But you can’t have one without the other, can you? You can’t do what you do and be famous and well known without …uh

Meg Ryan: Well I think you can certainly be an actor and not be a movie star.

Parkinson: Well, but you are a movie star.

Meg Ryan: Yes.

Parkinson: By choice.

Meg Ryan: Seemingly.

Parkinson: So you’ve got a problem.

Meg Ryan: Yes.

Parkinson: And it seems that it’s one that’s not going to be resolved on this show either.

Meg Ryan: No.

Parkinson: You trained to be a journalist?

Meg Ryan: I did, yeah. I went to New York University, which is uh um … anyway, I went to New York University and tried- I studied to be a journalist but I never graduated. I had about a semester to go.

Parkinson: And why why did you change from being a journalist to being an actress?

Meg Ryan: Uh I was paying my way through school doing commercials and things like that and one just overtook the other. I think sometimes your life seems to choose you a little bit and I feel like that’s what happened.

Watch the interview →

Now decide if the following sentences are true or false:

  • 1. Meg Ryan doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the cameras.

  • 2. She doesn’t enjoy acting at all.

  • 3. Parkinson agrees that Meg Ryan is an actress, but not a movie star.

  • 4. Meg Ryan trained in a different profession before becoming an actress.

  • 5. Acting did not earn her any money during school.

  • 6. The conversation is friendly and relaxed.