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London Life!

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My friend Martha from California is coming to visit me for a few days in September and it will be the first time she’s been to London. So it’s got me thinking about what she should see! I thought I should share that list with you all, but as always there’s a catch! I’ve taken away some of the key vocabulary. You need to decide which word goes in which gap.

• Spots
• Buskers
• Tickets
• Chat
• Recommend
• Attraction
• Mixture

The Tower of London

This is one of my favourite tourist _(1)_ in London. Firstly, the building has a fascinating history. It has been a prison, a zoo and is the home of the crown jewels. It is a lovely place to learn about the history of the Royal Family, a subject fascinating to many.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill became famous after a movie was produced with the same title. It is a really beautiful area, full of interesting shops, art and people. My favourite things to do here are mostly food related! The famous ‘hummingbird bakery’ makes the best red velvet cupcakes in the world and the ‘Lazy Daisy Cafe’ is a wonderful place to _(2)_ with friends over a bowl of potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. But the main _(3)_ for me is the Notting Hill book exchange. It is two floors of second hand books on every subject, most of them costing less than £2!

Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House

Covent Garden is a great area if you like shopping, great cocktails or crazy people pretending to be statues! I’m a little bit frightened of the living statues, but I love sitting and listening to the _(4)_ who range from singers to guitar players to tap dancers. On the corner of Covent Garden is the famous Royal Opera House. It is a beautiful building which has survived two fires! Ballet and operas are shown daily and _(5)_ can be bought as cheaply as £5.

Art Galleries

There are so many free art galleries in London and I find them really peaceful places to visit. There’s so much to see. I _(6)_ the National Portrait Gallery on the corner of Trafalgar Square. It holds a lot of the royal family’s official portraits and has a mixture of paintings and photography. If you are not so keen on art, it’s also a great place for people watching! The visitors are diverse, a _(7)_ of students, tourists and people wandering in to get out of the rain!

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