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London Riots and Clean Up

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Before they started appearing in court, most people _1_ London's rioters and looters were unemployed young people with no hope and no future.

Yet among those arrested _2_ a graphic designer, a postal employee, a dental assistant, a teaching aide, a forklift driver and a youth worker.

More than 1,000 arrests have been made with around 600 people charged _3_ three days of rioting and looting in London.

The fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan by police in Tottenham, North London, sparked riots in London.

The following looting, arson, burglary, murder, robbery and disorder _4_ to other large cities in the UK.

There has been much debate about what caused riots to occur outside the Tottenham area, _5_ the initial peaceful protests of Mark Duggan grew into riots.

Rejecting comments that poverty and unemployment were causes, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron said this week's violence came from culture, not economics.

"This is not about poverty, this is about culture. The young people stealing televisions and _6_ shops that was not about politics or protest, it was about theft", he said.

Although the riots were terrible, we also got to see the true spirit of Britain when thousands of people went out on their _7_ streets to help clean up. People carrying brooms, rubbish-bags and rubber gloves turned out across London to help clean up the damage.

Using Twitter and Facebook Londoners were able to organise big clean up events showing a positive response to the riots.

Key Words

Court (noun) the place where trials and other legal cases happen. The place where it is decided if someone is innocent or guilty.
Riot (noun) noisy, violent, and uncontrolled public meeting. Rioters are the people who do it.
Loot (verb) a large amount of people stealing from shops. Looters are the people who do it.
Arson (noun) the crime of starting a fire to damage or destroy a building.
Burglary (noun) the crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things

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