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Long Live The King!

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On the 16th of August, 1977, Elvis Presley died. Therefore, he has appeared in the news a great deal lately and this inspired me to do a reading lesson on this famous singer. This is a real article which appeared on the day of his death. I have removed some of the key vocabulary from the text and all you need to do is decide which word goes in which gap. To read the full article go to:

Revolutionized - started a radical change in something.
Engaged - to be getting married in the near future.
Examination - an inspection of something.
Cause - the reason something happens.
Mansion - a large and expensive house.
Collapsed - fell unconscious.
Divorced - separated from a marriage.

1977: Rock and roll 'king' Presley dies
Elvis Presley, whose singing and style _(1)_ popular music in the 1950s, has died.
Presley, 42, was discovered slumped in a bathroom at his _(2)_ in Memphis, Tennessee on Tuesday.
He was rushed to the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis but was pronounced dead on arrival.
The Tennessee state pathologist, Dr. Jerry Francisco, said a post mortem _(3)_ of the singer's body had revealed he died of cardiac arrhythmia - a form of heart attack.
The precise _(4)_ has not yet been determined for the cardiac arrhythmia," Dr Francisco said.
"It may take several days to several weeks to determine that specific cause and in some cases it never is determined."
The three-hour examination uncovered no sign of any other diseases or any drug abuse, Dr Francisco added.
Declining health
Presley was _(5)_ from his wife Priscilla in 1973 but it was rumoured that he had recently become _(6)_to Ginger Alden, 20.
She was reportedly spotted wearing a $50,000 (£20,315) diamond engagement ring from Presley.
Ms Alden and other members of his entourage were at Graceland when he _(7)_.
There had been indications of Elvis Presley's declining health for some time.
Earlier this year the singer had cancelled several performances in Louisiana and returned to Memphis suffering what his doctors termed "exhaustion".
No arrangements have been announced yet for his funeral which is scheduled for Friday.

Lesson by Caroline

Link: Things To Do Before You Die - Upper Int Reading

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