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Look idioms part 2

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Yesterday we had a quiz on Look Phrasal Verbs. Today we continue with look idioms. Read the 7 statements and decide which responses match them.

The correct answers are given below.


  1. Try to look on the bright side.
  2. Why don't you think she's honest?
  3. I'm on the lookout for a new job.
  4. You have a new look!
  5. She certainly doesn't look her age.
  6. I'm going to use my life savings to start a new company.
  7. I think Rob painted graffiti on the walls.


  1. You'd better look before you leap.
  2. Maybe. He's always looking for trouble.
  3. It's pretty hard under the circumstances.
  4. Good luck! It's not easy to find work.
  5. She never looks you in the eye.
  6. You'd never think she's a grandmother.
  7. Yes, I've changed my hair style.

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