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Looking for a Job Online

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Lots of students decide to take on some part time work to help pay for their studies whilst abroad. One of the most popular roles they choose is catering and Pret a Manger is known for being a very friendly employer. Go to the Pret a Manger website and see if you can find the answers to these questions. This is a quick and easy but incredibly useful practice exercise. Perhaps it will inspire some of you to apply!

Visit: www.pret.com/jobs

Go to the Pret a Manger website to answer these questions:

  • 1. What is the starting salary for a Pret employee in London?

  • 2. Do Pret employees have to dress very smartly?

  • 3. Employees receive free lunch when working, true or false?

  • 4. To join the Pret team as a school leaver, do you need any qualifications?

  • 5. Which of the following are important 'Pret Behaviours'?

  • 6. Where is the Pret recruitment centre located?