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Make? Do? Get?

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Collocations are the natural combination of words. In English it refers to the way words are linked with each other. For example, have and a haircut go together, so do catch and cold; get and married, and free with time:

  • You should have a haircut before your job interview.
  • Put on a coat or you will catch a cold.
  • When are you planning to get married?
  • I wish I had more free time.

For people learning English the verbs make, do and get can be comfusing when used in collocations. For example, do we do a mistake, get a mistake or make a mistake? The correct collocation is make a mistake!

Lesson by Nasreen, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Complete the sentences with the correct verb: make, do or get:

  • 1. What time _______ you get up on weekends?

  • 2. She couldn't ______ up her mind.

  • 3. They've known each other for years. They _____on very well.

  • 4. I’m exhausted! I could _____ with a break,

  • 5. I couldn’t _____ through. The phone was just ringing.

  • 6. We need to _____ going, or we’ll miss the train.

  • 7. Do you find it easy to _____ friends?

  • 8. I have to _____ the shopping tomorrow morning.

  • 9. I’ll _____ my best to get there on time.

  • 10. Did you _____ an appointment with the director?