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Making Predictions

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How do you feel about the future? Are you optimistic (do you think things will be better in the future) or are you pessimistic (you believe things will be worse)?

Let's look how we can make predictions (noun) - when you say what will happen in the future. We use the following phrases when predicting the future:

"I predict that someday people will live on the moon."
"In the near future, aliens will visit the earth."
"In the distant future, everyone in the world will be able to speak english."
"Someday, Chris will make a lesson without a typing mistake!"
"By 2050, there will be no more oil left in the world."
"In 2014, Wales will win the World Cup."

Can you give us three predictions about the future?

Link: Speculating about past events

  • Do you have any good ___ about the future?

  • Who do you ___ will win the game?

  • ___ the future isn't easy.

  • People who are negative about the future are:

  • There seems to be a mood of ___ in the office today.