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Maths Vocabulary

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Have you ever taken a maths lesson in English? Do you know the right vocabulary to talk about mathematics?

Let's take a look at some basic math terms:

Plus or Add (+)

Two plus two is four. (2+2=4)
Five add five is ten. (5+5=10)

Minus, Subtract or Take Away (-)

Six minus two is four (6-2=4)
Ten subtract five is five (10-5=5) Nine take away eight is one (9-8=1)
Eight take away three is five (8-3=5)

Percent (%)

Twenty-five percent of eight is two.
The unemployment rate in the USA is six percent.

Decimal Point (.)

A number less than one that is written as one or more numbers after a decimal point:

Times or Multiply (x)

Three times three is nine (3x3=9)
Multiply five by five.
Four multiplied by two is eight (4x2=8)

Divide (÷)

Divide 8 by 2.
Ten divided by two is five (10÷2=5)

Equals or Is (=)

Five plus five equals ten (5+5=10)
Three times three is nine (3x3=9)

Now choose the missing maths vocabulary to complete these simple problems:

  • 1) Ten ___ ten equals twenty.

  • 2) Five ___ five is zero.

  • 3) Twenty ___ by five is four.

  • 4) Three ___ four is twelve.

  • 5) Six __ two is eight.

  • 6) Twelve ___ by four equals three.

  • 7) Ten ___ of a hundred is ten.