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Metaphor mix!

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So, we've covered similes… but what about metaphors?

Just like a simile, the non-literal figure of speech referred to as a metaphor also compares two things, but it does so in a more direct way, this time without using as or like.

Two Examples:

That story broke my heart = made me very sad, caused emotional pain
It's rather common to get cold feet before getting married = become too frightened to do something you planned to do.

What do the metaphors in CAPITAL LETTERS below mean? Choose the correct meaning!

  • 1. Don’t give up on finding the man of your life. There are OTHER FISH IN THE SEA!

  • 2. My manager was very keen TO SHOW me THE ROPES from my very first day at work.

  • 3. Tom spent his entire weekend helping out at the orphanage. He really does have A HEART OF GOLD.

  • 4. Reading that book wasn’t as PLAIN SAILING as I thought it would be. It took me ages to finish it!

  • 5. Apparently, both his maternal grandparents were of BLUE BLOOD.

  • 6. I’m sure you’ll pass your exams WITH FLYING COLOURS – you’ve always done so well at school!

  • 7. Mothers tend to WRAP their children UP IN COTTON WOOL, even when they’re in their teens!

  • 8. Jim was rather TAKEN ABACK by the latest company news. He wasn’t expecting it at all.