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Metaphor Monday!

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We have another metaphor mix for you! It would be a shame to stop at one set, now wouldn't it?

Remember: Just like a simile, the non-literal figure of speech referred to as a metaphor also compares two things, but it does so in a more direct way, this time without using as or like.

Two examples:

Christian has a heart of gold = Christian is very kind, generous or sincere
Don’t call him a slowcoach! = a person who acts or moves slowly

What do the metaphors in CAPITAL LETTERS below mean? Choose the correct meaning!

  • 1. It’s RAINING CATS AND DOGS. I guess we’ll have to cancel the picnic.

  • 2. Susanne has always been the APPLE OF MY EYE.

  • 3. We HAD A WHALE OF A TIME at Tom's birthday party.

  • 4. Carl was BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON. He’s always had it easier than us.

  • 5. Is she PLAYING MUSICAL CHAIRS? I can’t believe she’s changed jobs again!

  • 6. Melanie was out shopping with her friends and managed to spend over £2000. She HAS MONEY TO BURN!

  • 7. Kim didn’t steal the car. The police are really BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE.

  • 8. I just can’t believe you did that. Wait a minute, are you TAKING ME FOR A RIDE?