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Mixed Collocations

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Collocations are words that usually appear next to each other in sentences.

For example, make + a noise are a collocation because we often use them together, "This is a library so please do not make a noise."

We say 'make a noise' not 'do a noise' or 'have a noise'.

There are no rules with collocations, you just have to remember them. The easiest way is to memorise example sentences. Here are some to get you thinking about collocations.

Choose the correct collocations below and then write your own example sentences.

  • 1 - Bring your camera because you will want to ___ a lot of pictures.

  • 2 - What's the punishment in Australia if you ___ murder.

  • 3 - You should ___ your homework as soon as you get home.

  • 4 - My sister ___ a mess in the kitchen when she cooks.

  • 5 - I have something to tell but you have to ___ it a secret.

  • 6 - ___ the law and you will go to prison.

  • 7 - It's my turn to ___ the cooking tonight.

  • 8 - She didn't win the race but she did ___ second.

  • 9 - The company needs more sales or it will ___ out of business.

  • 10 - That meeting was a real ___ of time. We didn't do anything.