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More Confusing Words

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Here's a collection of 5 pairs of words that are troublesome to English learners. How well do you know your these confusing words? Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

Sebastian E’Silva, EC Cape Town English school

Confusing words lessons

  • 1. I had a ___ time at the party last night.

  • 2. I watched a very ___ Jim Carrey movie with my sister.

  • 3. When I stand in the sun I leave a ___ of my body.

  • 4. It's so hot outside! Let's find some ___ quickly.

  • 5. Can I please ___ your pen?

  • 6. I'll ___ you my pen as long as you give it back to me later.

  • 7. There's enough ___ in my car for five people.

  • 8. There's plenty of ___ between those two tables.

  • 9. Jack is sitting ___ Rosa on the bench.

  • 10. I want everyone ___ Kelly to play in my team, she's a terrible player!