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Learn Extreme Adjectives

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To help you build your vocabulary, let's take a look at some more extreme adjectives. These adjectives have strong meanings, so instead of saying very clean we can say spotless. As spotless means very clean we do not need to use very before spotless. Instead, you can use extremely or absolutely. For more examples on extreme adjectives, follow the link at below the table.

Adjective Extreme Adjective
clean spotless
expensive exorbitant
funny hilarious
good fantastic
interesting fascinating
old ancient
pretty gorgeous
surprising astounding
ugly hideous

Link: What are extreme adjectives?

  • I can not afford to eat at that restaurant; the prices are ___.

  • I don't like her new haircut; it looks ___

  • He always keeps his car ___.

  • I couln't stop laughing; his story was ___.

  • I was ___ to hear that I won the competition.