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*UPDATED* Movie Lesson: Burn After Reading

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Watch this trailer for the Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading. It went straight to number one in the American box office. No doubt that was because both Bradd Pitt and George Clooney star in it.

After you have watched the clip try and answer the questions.

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  • Brad Pitt: Medola found, like, this CD lying in a ___.

  • Medola: On the floor ___.

  • Brad Pitt: And it’s these ___ , man.

  • Bald Man: I am not ___ with this.

  • Medola: It was just ___ there.

  • Frances: You should put up a ___ in the ladies locker room.

  • Brad Pitt: Put up a note? Hello, did anyone lose their secret CIA ___? I don’t think so.

  • Cox: What you are ___ in is blackmail.

  • Brad Pitt: I am a ___Good Samaritan who…

  • Brad Pitt: You give us the ___!

  • Frances: It's not going to go ___, is it?

  • Clooney: Well, let's get in the ___ room and find out.

  • Cox: You're part of a league of ___.

  • Fat man: You can be a ___ too, madam.

  • Brad Pitt: I am very surprised he did not give us that ___.

  • CIA Officer: We'll ___ with the FBI on this dead body.

  • CIA Boss: No.No. God, No. ___the body. Get rid of it.

  • Frances: That'll give him something to ___ about.