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Much or many?

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Do you remember the difference between countable and uncountable nouns? One of the things you need to remember is whether you need to use much or many
when talking about quantities. Much and many mean a lot of. For example:

"We don’t have many apples" is the same as:

"We don’t have a lot of apples".

In the sentences below, do we need much or many?

  • 1. I haven't got ___ money. Could you lend me some until tomorrow?

  • 2. There aren’t as ___ cars on the road as I thought there would be.

  • 3. Do you know ___ Colombian people?

  • 4. He doesn't eat ___ meat.

  • 5. How ___ salt do you usually cook with?

  • 6. My dad doesn’t have ___ hair anymore, he’s nearly bald!

  • 7. How ___ glasses do we need?

  • 8. How ___ times a day do you talk to him?

  • 9. Hurry up! I don't have ___ time!

  • 10. There were so ___ families in the park, it was lovely.