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Music Lesson: 'Perfect Day'

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Here's a great chance to practise listening to a variety of authentic English accents. 

Listen to this classic Lou Reed song and complete the lyrics. I recommend that you listen to it once to get a feel for it and then listen to it again and type in the missing words.

You don't need to listen to the whole song. I have only included the lyrics for the first two minutes.

Do you recognise any of the famous musicians in the clip?

Movie Lesson: Coraline

  • Just a perfect day, sangria in the park
  • And then when it gets dark,
  • we go
  • Just a perfect day, animals in the zoo
  • Then later a , too, and then home
  • Oh, it's such a perfect day I'm I spend it with you
  • Oh, such a perfect day,You just keep me on (x2)
  • Just a perfect day, all left alone
  • Weekenders on our own, it's fun
  • Just a perfect day, you me forget myself
  • I I was someone else, someone good