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Music Idioms

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The beat of a different drum

To be different from the rest; to do things in your own way.
"Everyone except Sarah went to the bar. She marches to the beat of a different drum."

Blow your own trumpet

When you blow your own trumpet you boast about your achievements or talents; you are not modest.
"I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I got the highest score on the test."

Change your tune

To change your opinion completely.
"Peter said he didn't want to go to the party, but he soon changed his tune when he found out that Sarah was going."

For a song

When something is 'going for a song', it is very cheap.
"They're closing the shop at the end of the month so all their products are going for a song."

Music to my ears

Something that you are very pleased to hear is described as music to your ears.
"The sound of my daughter's laugh is music to my ears."

Play second fiddle

To be less important or in a weaker position than someone else.
"I'm tired of playing second fiddle to James. I'm going to find another job at another company."

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  • Be modest. Don't ___ your own trumpet.

  • You've ___ your tune all of a sudden.

  • The CDs in this shop are ___ for a song.

  • She always marches to the beat of a different ___.