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Music Idioms

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The following idioms are all related to music. Which idiom do you think is being shown in the picture below?

I have chosen eight of the most common music idioms and have written them below along with their literal meaning. Now all you need to do is choose which idiom completes each sentence! Can you think of any more music idioms? Good luck!

Blow your own trumpet – show off; to try to impress someone with your abilities or possessions
Change your tune – change your opinion
Face the music – face a difficult situation
Make a song and dance about something – make an unnecessary fuss (to get too angry/complain too much)
Play it by ear – to be flexible and not plan things
Rings a bell – remind you/be familiar
Music to my ears – something that makes you happy
Fine tuning – small adjustments that improve something

Now choose the correct idiom for each sentence.

  • 1. Last week you told me you would never talk to her again, you've really ___.

  • 2. We are just going to ___. It might rain and then we won't be able to have a barbeque.

  • 3. Ok, I'm going to go and speak to my boss. It's time to ___.

  • 4. I'm so happy to hear that you are all so well, it's ___!

  • 5. I'm sure I've heard of that before, it really ___.

  • 6. With some ___ this essay could get an A grade.

  • 7. Oh please don't ___, we have to get the job done so just get on with it.

  • 8. We all know you're the best musician in the school, there's no need to ___.