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Music Video: Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine

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I hadn't heard this song before today and I actually really like it. Read through the lyrics and try to guess which word fits in each gap. Then listen and complete the gaps with the missing words. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

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Missing Words

  • Understood
  • History
  • Hand
  • Hurt
  • Strength
  • Believe
  • Mystery
  • Heart
  • Happening

Brighter Than Sunshine Lyrics

I never _1_ before
I never knew what love was for
My _2_ was broke, my head was sore
What a feeling

Tied up in ancient _3_
I didn't _4_ in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
And it's brighter than sunshine

I never saw it _5_
I'd given up and given in
I just couldn't take the _6_ again
What a feeling

I didn't have the _7_ to fight
Suddenly you seemed so right
Me and you
What a feeling


It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine.

Love will remain a _8_
But give me your _9_ and you will see
Your heart is keeping time with me

Add the nine missing words to the spaces below:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing word 3 is:
  • Missing word 4 is:
  • Missing word 5 is:
  • Missing word 6 is:
  • Missing word 7 is:
  • Missing word 8 is:
  • Missing word 9 is: