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Music Video Lesson - Louis Armstrong - That Lucky Old Sun

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I love this song, even though it is a bit depressing! Read through the lyrics and try to guess which word fits in each gap before you listen. Why don't you listen to some different versions of the song as well. To complete the lesson you need to listen to link 1, but listen to Niia's version at link 2 as well if you want!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Can't see the video? Try here.

  • Wrinkled
  • Crying
  • Troubles
  • Silver
  • Morning
  • River
  • Heaven
  • Kids
  • Devil

Missing Words

Up in the _1_,
Out on the job,
I work like the _2_ for my pay.
I know that lucky old sun, has nothing to do,
But roll around heaven all day.

I fuss with my woman, and toil for my _3_ ,
Sweat 'til I'm _4_ and gray.
I know that lucky old sun, has nothin' to do,
But roll around heaven all day.

Dear Lord above, don't you see I'm _5_ ?
I got tears all in my eyes.
Why don't you send down that cloud with the _6_ lining,
Lift me up to Paradise (lift me up to paradise).

Show me that _7_ , why don't you take me across,
Wash all my _8_ away,
I know that lucky old sun, he's got nothing to do,
But just roll around _9_ all day

Add the nine missing words to the spaces below:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing word 3 is:
  • Missing word 4 is:
  • Missing word 5 is:
  • Missing word 6 is:
  • Missing word 7 is:
  • Missing word 8 is:
  • Missing word 9 is: