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Music Vocabulary - Intermediate Level

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Do you know the following words related to music?

Tune Track Jingle Chorus
Lyrics Vocals Instrumental Bass
Treble Gig Album Single


Use the letters a - l to match the words to their definitions.

a. The words in a song
b. One of the songs on an album
c. The singer's voice
d. A synonym of song
e. A short tune for an advert
f. A collection of tracks
g. The high sounds in a song
h. A small concert
i. The low sounds in a song
j. One track available to buy
k. A song with no vocals
l. Part of a song which is repeated

To discuss:

  1. What’s your favourite album?
  2. What’s your favourite tune?
  3. Can you sing the chorus to any English songs?
  4. Do you like going to gigs?
  5. What was the last single you bought?

Lesson by Sam teacher at EC London English School

  • 1. Tune:
  • 2. Lyrics:
  • 3. Treble:
  • 4. Track:
  • 5. Vocals:
  • 6. Gig:
  • 7. Jingle:
  • 8. Instrumental:
  • 9. Album:
  • 10. Chorus:
  • 11. Bass:
  • 12. Single: