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My Family

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In this ‘Note from Caroline’, I want to focus on my family, who have been instrumental in shaping the person I’ve become today. When you’ve finished reading, see if you can answer the true or false questions at the end. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

Note from Caroline

My brother Terence and I were oddly close as children, in fact, my first word was ‘brother’.

He was also the first person to make me laugh.

Our four year age gap meant that he could look after me without me feeling irritated by him doing so.

I still expect him to take care of me and thankfully he lives twenty minutes away.

I feel it is my right to steal his food and television.

My father was a huge reason for me becoming involved and infatuated with the creative industries.

As a comedian, he would travel across the country doing gigs and I would, if lucky, be able to go with him.

He encouraged me to become involved in drama and this really helped me overcome my shyness.

From there I went into dance and the rest is history.

People often ask me if he’s funny, which seems a ridiculous question!

He is the person I’d most like to have on my ‘pub quiz’ team, as his general knowledge in most cases, surpasses the quiz inventors.

My mother is the glue that holds my family together and my best friend.

I can’t imagine solving any daily problems without her! Her love and respect for all people inspires me to live my life in the same way.

She also has a fabulous wardrobe which I like to think of as a shared asset, although I’m not sure she feels the same way!

My extended family is huge and varied, to the point where I cannot identify any real family traditions.

Professions include teachers, IT specialists, lawyers, performers, scientists, social care workers etc.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few of them this weekend (by a few I mean about thirty!).

I’m especially excited about seeing my cousin India, aged 11, who is known as my ‘minime’. In other words, me but younger!

She lived in France for most of her childhood so I like to tease her by speaking to her in my horrendous French. 

True or false?

  • 1. Caroline hated being looked after by her brother.

  • 2. Caroline lives in South Africa, while her brother lives in London.

  • 3. Caroline’s father inspired her to become involved in the arts.

  • 4. Caroline was a very outgoing child.

  • 5. Caroline’s Mum does not appreciate Caroline stealing her clothes.

  • 6. Caroline’s family all work in the same industry.

  • 7. Caroline is always lovely to her cousin, India.