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Nationality Adjectives

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Country V. Nationality

A common mistake made by English learners is to confuse the nationality adjective with the name of the country a person is from. The rule is as follows:

I'm from + name of country: "I'm from Russia."
I' m + nationality adjective: "I'm Russian."

Are you describing the person or are you talking about the place?

In the following sentences can you choose which alternative you need? Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline.

  • 1. Jennifer is originally from ___ she moved to The UK when she was ten.

  • 2. I was born in ___.

  • 3. We met some really nice ___ girls when we were travelling. They were a lot of fun!

  • 4. Have you ever been to ___?

  • 5. My family are ___ so most of the recipes I know have a Latin flavour!

  • 6. I think ___ chocolate is the best chocolate in the world.

  • 7. People from ___ have a slightly different accent to people from America

  • 8. I've fallen in love with a ___ man. He's wonderful.

  • 9. When I travel next year, I'm going to go to ___ first.

  • 10. Is it true that ___ men don’t wear underwear under their kilts?