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Negative Personality Adjectives

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I try not to talk about people in a negative way, after all, some people believe that when you do so you are only noticing the negative qualities in yourself! However, it’s important to learn the vocabulary! Here are ten common negative personality adjectives. Can you match each one to a sentence below? Can you think of any others? Don't be lazy, do it now!

Bonus question: Do you watch the Simpsons? What negative personality traits does the character pictured above have?

Lesson by Caroline

Aggressive - ready and willing to fight, argue.
Bossy - telling people what to do. Giving orders in a way that people don't like.
Cowardly - afraid, scared to do what you should.
Dishonest - not honest, saying things that are not true.
Arrogant - having an attitide that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people.
Harsh - very critical, negative to people. 
Irresponsible - not responsible; not having or showing maturity or good judgment.
Patronising - being nice to people but thinking you are better than them.
Pessimistic - always expecting bad things to happen; negative about the future.
Fussy - hard to please; too careful about choosing or accepting things.

Decide which adjective is needed in each sentence:

  • 1. Why are there so many ___ people in government? Their promises always turn out to be lies.

  • 2. My husband is so ___, I left him to babysit our son and he fell asleep in front of the TV!

  • 3. I can't stand ___ people. I find as a young woman in the professional world, men talk down to me a lot and it drives me crazy.

  • 4. I'm a very ___ eater. If I don't like something, I can't eat it, even to be polite.

  • 5. My friend's partner becomes very ___ when he’s been drinking and sometimes I worry for her safety.

  • 6. My cousin's daughter is very ___ and is always telling the other children what to play.

  • 7. Stop being so ___ and go and tell your ex-boyfriend not to call you anymore! There's nothing to be scared of!

  • 8. My Mother-in-law can be very ___ I can't stand it when she tells my husband that he is not doing well enough at work.

  • 9. Try not to be so ___. Life is difficult sometimes, but try to see the positive side!

  • 10. Don't be so ___, you're not the only actor in the world and we can easily replace you!