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New Verbs: Q to Y

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Here is the last in my series of 'new verbs' lessons! The verb from each sentence is missing; which verb do you think fits the gap? I hope you have learnt some new vocabulary each week and have practised using it in every day conversation. If you missed the last lessons, just click on the links below. Good luck!

PS: I could only think of phrasal verbs that begin with z. Can you think of any verbs that start with this letter?

9 New Verbs

Qualify -  to have the skills that are required or do the things that are required to become a member of a team or to be allowed in a competition
Resign - to give up (a job or position) in a formal or official way
Support - to give help or assistance
Try - to make an effort to do something
Undo -  to open or release something
Volunteer - to offer to do something without being forced to or without getting paid to do it 
Witness - to see (something) happen
X-ray - to examine and make images of (things, such as the bones and organs inside the body) by using X-rays 
Yawn - to open your mouth wide while taking in breath usually because you are tired or bored 

I - P Verbs

A - H Verbs

  • 1. Please ___ your local theatre, we provide great art for the community.

  • 2. You have ___ for the finals! Well done!

  • 3. ___ to learn ten new verbs before the test on Tuesday.

  • 4. I ___ from my job a month ago to focus on my freelance work.

  • 5. If you have to ___ during my class, at least be polite and cover your mouth.

  • 6. Last week my sister ___ a crime, she’s been very nervous about leaving the house since then.

  • 7. I have been ___ with the organisation for nearly five years.

  • 8. Please can you ___ this knot? I’ve been trying for ages!

  • 9. We are going to ___ the bone tomorrow morning to see what is going on.