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Noun or Adjective Quiz

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Adjectives are used ro give us more information about nouns.

A green chair. - Green is an adjective, it gives us more information about the noun, chair.

Adjectives are also used to modify pronouns. For example, It's the green one. Here the pronoun is 'one'.

We have to be careful when nouns are used in place of adjectives to give us more information about a noun. Compare these three sentences:

It's a house. - house is a noun.
It's a big house. - big is an adjective.
It's a family house.- family is a noun. This means there are two nouns in this sentence. The first one gives us more information about the second.

Read through these ten sentences and decide if a noun or adjective is needed:

  • 1) Let's find a ___ place to cross the road.

  • 2) There are ___ snakes in this village.

  • 3) The ___ of this issue cannot be forgotten.

  • 4) James is known for his ___.

  • 5) Make sure you have a ___ breakfast.

  • 6) Your daughter has a great ___.

  • 7) Well, that was a very ___ meeting.

  • 8) The dog is ___ of her puppies.

  • 9) The thief admitted his ___.

  • 10) Be ___ when you meet her parents.