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Nouns - A person who...

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Are you a child, a teenager or an adult? Are you a student? Are you a worker, what type, a business person?

There are many nouns that describe us. When I walk through town I am a pedestrian. When I get tired and get on a bus I become a passenger. I get off the bus, go into a shop and I'm a customer. If I steal something from the shop I am a criminal! I run away from the police who chase me, I fall over and break my arm. I now have to go to hospital where I am a patient. The police arrest me for stealing from the shop so I need a lawyer. The lawyer calls me his client. In court the judge and all the jurors decide that I am guilty and send me to prison where I become a prisoner. While I am in prison I lose my right to vote in elections - I cannot be a voter in prison. After many years I am released. I am now too old to work; I am a pensioner because I receive pension payments from the government.

This is not a true story, by the way!

How familiar are you with the above nouns. Did you understand the orange nouns from the context? To check your understanding, decide which type of person is being described below.

  • 1 - A person who votes or has the right to vote at an election:

  • 2 - A peron receiving medical treatment is a:

  • 3 - A person using the services of a lawyer or other professional person or company is a:

  • 4 - A person walking along a road or in a developed area is a:

  • 5 - A member of the public who is chosen to help make a decision in a legal case is a:

  • 6 - Usually a retired person who receives a government money because of their old age:

  • 7 - A person who is kept in a jail:

  • 8 - A person who buys something from a business is a:

  • 9 - A ___ is a person travelling from one place to another in a car, bus, train, ship or airplane.

  • 10 - A person who has committed a crime is a: