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Opposite Adjectives

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A really great way to learn new vocabulary is to learn words in pairs, like opposites.

For example if you learn ‘happy’ you pair it with ‘sad’.

Each sentence below has an adjective missing, the opposite to the one in brackets. Can you complete the sentences correctly? Good luck!

  • 1. That road is really (safe) ___ at night, be careful!

  • 2. I can’t believe how (expensive) ___ Ikea is!

  • 3. She’s the girl with (curly) ___ brown hair and glasses.

  • 4. The flat is so (clean) ___ it’s disgusting.

  • 5. I have never been (fat) ___, but I don’t want to be. I wouldn’t look like me.

  • 6. Please do not arrive (early) ___, this meeting is very important.

  • 7. I really need to buy some (old) ___ shoes.

  • 8. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the film was so (interesting) ___.

  • 9. I know I’m (wrong) ___, Sussex is definitely in the south of England!

  • 10. Please could I have my coffee really (weak) ___.