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Other words for Intelligent

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Synonyms for Intelligent:

These are all expressions we can use casually to describe intelligent people. Aprt from boffin, they are all adjectives.

She's the brainiest student in the school.

She's a bright girl.

My dog is really clever, he can do a lot of tricks.

My brother's smarter than me.

a Boffin
A British English slang noun for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work.
Saanvi is a computer boffin. I always ask her when I need help with my laptop


Sharp as a tack
You are as sharp as a tack if you are able to think quickly and learn quickly.
He's only a young boy, but he's as sharp as a tack.

  • 1) He's a real ___ when it comes to chemistry.

  • 2) The new guy in my office is as ___ as a tack.

  • 3) James is the ___ person I have ever met.

  • 4) Who is the ___ student in your class?

  • 5) He's pretty ___ for someone so young.